Apr 2nd 2015


Update - Bigcommerce Systems Engineers have been alerted that current situation with storefronts has recently degraded. We are continuing to work with our storage provider to come to a solution. We will update as we have information.
Apr 3, 20:26 CDT

Update - Performance issues with our storage provider continue but some code changes have provided some improvement in response times and decreased error rates. We have had reports that performance issues have been severe enough on some sites to appear as though the store is unavailable. We apologize for that and are still trying to find ways to lessen the impact from our storage provider's issues.
Apr 3, 15:52 CDT

Update - Bigcommerce engineers have implemented a few changes to help with performance while our storage provider continues to work on bringing their performance back to acceptable levels. Response times have improved slightly with few errors. Our engineers are continuing to test and implement workarounds in response to our storage provider's issues.
Apr 3, 12:22 CDT