Posted by Live Box Breaks by Premier on Aug 16th 2015

Topps has really changed it up for the 2015 Topps Five Star Baseball this year. New hobby boxes will now only have two cards per pack but both will be autographed or relic hits and the price point will be about a quarter of previous year’s. This is sure to bring a lot more people over than in past years due to the price being out of reach for most. 

Keeping in line with it's Supreme product baseball it looks as if they are trying to appeal to a wider base. Some collectors do not like the two card format but consider the changes and I think you will agree its not another Supreme baseball flop.

You'll get either an on card signature or a cut autograph in every box, this alone puts Five Star at the top of many collectors list for products in this price range.

Here are some more features and changes...

Five Star Autographed Jumbo Patches include a checklist of 15 and will include a game-worn jumbo patch piece. They'll be numbered to 35 with Gold (# to 10), Rainbow (# to 5) and Five Star (1/1) parallels.

Legendary Lineups fold out book cards carrying eight signatures of players on some well-known teams and Hall of Fame Class book cards with autographs of members who were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame during the same year.

The ‘base’ Five Star Autograph checklist will include more than 100 players with cards also coming in Gold (# to 50), Rainbow (# to 25), Emerald (# to 5) and Five Star (1/1).

Five Tools autographs (# to 25) will be signed cards of players known for possessing all five baseball tools.

Silver Signatures and Golden Graphs, numbered to 50, are just that. Both will feature the following parallels:

  • Purple: sequentially numbered to 25.
  • Blue: sequentially numbered to 20.
  • Gold: sequentially numbered to 10.
  • Orange: sequentially numbered to 5.
  • Red: #’d 1/1.

Five Star MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch autos will feature a checklist of up to 50 players featuring the familiar MLB logo patch from their game-worn jersey along with an autograph. All will be 1/1.



I think this year's 2015 Topps Five Star is going to deliver some big hits!

CAse and Boxes available here in the store