UpDate | Live Box Break Web App

Posted by Cal on Jan 8th 2015

We have the "see which teams available" feature done on the Live Box Break Web App!

You can now see which teams are still available just to the left of teams purchased in each break list sheet.

We have a few bugs to clear up with some misspelled items and in particular the database does not like punctuation of any type so until some of these breaks clear out and we can start fresh a few teams will miss the script and not display correctly. We have the fix but I cannot implement until any break already in progress completes so hang in there! You can see most of the functionality though tonight during the breaks.

Teams we know are affected:

St Louis Cardinals

St Louis Rams

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Reds

and Brooklyn/New Jersey Nets

Like I said, I will get this corrected as the product sells out so go easy on Rook (Ha,Ha). For now you can get the jist of how it will work.

Thanks everyone!