Live Break App

  • When viewing on tablets or phones flip your device horizontal/landscape for best viewing and functionality.
  • Use the Live Break Web App to check the status of any break & view your teams or spots. This will list all breaks currently filling and bought into. To see all the available breaks use the site menus above.
  • The status of each break is displayed in red or green at the right or just below the description depending on your viewing device.
  • To see your teams or slots click the item description link for detailed status of that break including teams or slots still available.
  • For further information on how to use the app scroll down to the available instructions below the App.

With our Live Box Break Web App you can... 

  • Get a "Quick" view of all breaks. From the main page you can get a brief "overview". Each break has the product icon next to it, the break description, and the status of the break to the far right. Want more in depth info? Just click the description link and & it opens to that break sheet with detailed information. Click the "BREAK LIST" tab to return to main page at any time from any break sheet. Pretty simple huh!?
  • Easily navigate the list of currently filling breaks. Only two tabs to navigate, the main "BREAK LIST" & "CAP" tab, that's it! Just one click to any live break sheet!
  • Find your Break fast! Product images and categories make finding your Live Box Break quick and easy.
  • See the breaks categorized by type. All breaks are categorized and subcategorized. Just another way to find your break FAST! (See the above break list.)
  • Find your pack break order. Just click the "CAP" tab and you will see the list of pack orders with a time stamp.

How each portion of the Live Box Break Web App works... 

  • For "TEAM" style box breaks you will see the available teams update in real-time as orders are placed so with just a glance you can see if your favorite team is still available without having to navigate back through the store. All available teams are displayed under the product picture to the left side of the product's break sheet under the grey "Teams still remaining". As teams are purchased they will be removed from the "Available/Remaining" section and placed in the right side of the break sheet next to the persons name who purchased them. Our script also cross references how many slots are available so if you look to the top right of each break sheet you will also see the number of teams left. Once the break is sold out or "Full" you will see the status change to "Break Full" at the top right of the break sheet.
  • For "RANDOM" style box breaks you will see the available slots left both on the main page and in each product's break sheet. Once again, if you look to the top right of the products break sheet you will see the status of the break displaying how many slots are left. Once the live box break is full this will change to "Break Full" status.
  • For "CHOOSE A PACK" orders (CAP) you can see where you are in line for pack breaks. Just click the CAP tab to view your position and pack # displayed in the order received. Follow along with the live box break video and see your box break & pack pulls!
How to use the Break App


  • This is the default view of the "Break App" You may return to this view anytime via the "BREAK LIST" link on the left.
  • This will display all currently bought into or active breaks only.
  • The list will display teams, member name, and time of purchase.
  • At the top of each list there is a "Purchase Here" link that will take you to the product page if spots are still available.
  • Red indicates the break is still filling and purchase link along with how many spots available will display.
  • Green indicates the break is full and ready for next live event. The purchase links will disappear and break will have status of "Full"
  • The list is prior to any randomization when it says "List not yet randomized" or "draft results not in" in Red and is not the final order of teams or draft results. This is only the default purchase order and not any draft or randomization results.
  • Once the draft is complete the status will change to green in the randomization or draft results portion at top.
  • It is important to remember that breaks will only display here if a member has purchased a spot and this is not indicative of all breaks available on the site.
  • To view all available breaks please refer to the main site menus under "Live Box Breaks"


  • This is where you can see any live pack break purchase members have made.
  • The (CAP) Live Pack Break list is cleared after each live event.
  • This will display the product name, pack number if applicable, member name, and the time it was purchased.
  • Packs are opened in the order they are received so follow this list to gage when your pack will be opened during the live events.
  • Clicking on any pack description link will take you to that product page if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself.
  • To view all available live pack breaks please refer to the main site menus under "Live Pack Breaks"


  • You must be logged in to view all portions of this section. Set up your free account HERE.
  • This is where our "Live Draft" occurs and your draft preferences are set up.
  • Here you save draft preferences for each year to optimize your draft results based on your favorite teams just like an NFL draft.
  • Future upgrades (in progress) will include a trade room where members can trade teams after the draft and other member features. Stayed tuned for more upgrades to be completed by May 2017. Currently only draft preferences are visible.




  • Here you can print any box or pack break list.
  • Use the "Print List" menu on the left while on any page you want to print.