2nd CHANCE collectible card packs.

Savings of nearly 50% minimum, up to 70% with combined savings.

2nd chance packs? What is that? 2nd chance packs are left over packs from our (CAP) Choose a Pack Live Breaks. The boxes these packs come from have reached the promised minimum hit rate for that box according to the manufacturer's averages.

What does that mean? Basically it means we've reached the manufacturer's stated amount of hits for that box before we emptied it making the remaining packs "Dead" or with no guarantee of hits. This does not account for extra hits sometimes provided by the card companies nor does it take into account any short prints, 1 of 1 cards, or variation cards.

There is still great potential for some nice "pulls" from these packs and at the very least you may complete your sets or snag that hard to find variation or your favorite player.

Don't forget 3 and 5 plus packs saves you even more money! Potential savings of up to 70% off!!!

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