Draft Preferences

Arrange and save your preferred team settings for our draft style box breaks.

If you had previous preferences from back in 2014-15 you will need to resubmit them in the new system. (See below)

  • Rearrange the order of your teams by dragging and dropping in place.
  • Once you have arranged your team order click "Save Preferences" *
  • Repeat process for each year for optimal results during the live drafts.
  • Default arrangement is used if you do not save your own preferences.

* You must click "Save Preferences" or your order arrangement will be lost once you leave this page!

If you had previous preferences saved from original draft settings back in 2014-15 you will need to resubmit them here in the new system.
Check your emails from 2014-15 for results that were emailed when you saved your preferences on old site. If needed we can resend your last settings via email.

Here are the original forms from 2014-15. If these look familiar just drop us an email and we can send your settings in PDF. (If still available)

2012 NFL settings   2014 NFL settings

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