New to box breaks?
Learn what they are and how they work.

If you are new to box breaks, here's what you need to know.



A box break is an service event where we or a "breaker" will open a box, case, or pack of collectible trading cards for individuals or groups of people during a live feed broadcast so everyone may see and share in the excitement of the "event". This type of service provided by "breakers" is a cheaper way to potentially get high dollar or rare cards without having to buy a whole box or case.. We have rules in place for multi-player cards and other scenarios that may happen as well, please read on below for those rules.

All slots or teams must be sold before we schedule the break. You can view how many slots/teams are left in the "Break App". In the event that a break does not sell out we will push it out until the next live event to give more time for a sell out. If after pushing back the date, there are still open spots we will cancel the break and we can credit your account or issue a refund.


Watch the video below to see an example of a "Box Break"





Choose a Pack aka (CAP)

This is where you will Choose your pack number from the box and we will open it for you live on air.


Choose a Team aka (CAT)

This is where you Choose your team in the box OR case break. Each team will have a different price based on the checklist for the particular product.


This is where you will get random slots for teams or letters, typically 1 or 2 slots depending on product. We will randomize everyone's names on random.org 5 times to determine your teams. These are also known as "Pure" or "True" randoms.

Draft Style

Most of our random breaks are "Draft Style" and the above pure randoms are used primarily for non conforming breaks or to award Panini points cards, settle tie-breakers, etc.

Like "Random" breaks all participants pay the same price for a "slot” in the break but the teams are assigned by draft. A Draft Style Break will consist of drafting teams according to your draft preferences. Participants save their draft preferences in the draft lounge and our system selects the best available team for you during the draft according to your selections. All slots will be randomized by our draft system via random.org API call, and that will determine the initial draft order. Once the draft order is decided the system will begin to assign teams based on the draft pick slot assigned and preferences you save. Participants will have 5 minutes to trade teams after the draft completes inside the draft lounge. If you cannot attend the draft or break don't worry! You can save your preferences any time before the break and our system will automatically carry out your picks based on those preferences. No team is guaranteed even with the draft system but your odds are much greater than a pure random since it is based off your preferences at the time your pick is up.


Hit Draft Breaks

A "Hit Draft" break will consist of participants drafting a "Pick" position for card selection. All slots will be randomized via random.org, and that will determine the pick/draft order. Once the pick/draft order is decided the draft will begin and you will select a card or hit available at the time of your pick.

For example... If you draft pick number #1 then you get first pick of all the cards in the break. Draft pick #2 would then go next and select their card from the available cards left after pick one has selected their card. You may purchase multiple spots but there is only one card per pick position you purchase.


Serial Hit Breaks

This type of break is another random variation. Typically a higher end product may have for example; cards numbered to 99 or less. Instead of a team or slots you are drafting a serial number. Once the serial numbers are assigned then any card pulled that matches your serial number is yours. Default assignment is to the left side of card for smaller serial breaks and can go as high as 99 available spots. Example: A card with serial number #41 would go to whoever had #4 in smaller breaks, and #41 in larger breaks. The rules and type will be clearly defined in the product description before the break occurs.


Personal Box Breaks

This is where you purchase a box and we open it on air live for you at a scheduled time. All cards for personal box breaks are shipped.





All of our break boxes and/or cases are factory sealed and come only from industry trusted sources like Panini, Upper Deck, DA, Blowout, GTS Distributors, Onyx, Leaf, and Topps. All orders placed on our site are through a secure gateway. (SSL)


As part of our effort of transparency we will always present the box or case being opened to verify the seal & the cards will never leave the site of the camera before you see them first. Additionally, all break events are broadcasted live in HD! 



Fun, Fair, Honest and Transparent Box Breaks!

  • Our number one goal is to provide fair breaks and a fun community atmosphere. We encourage our members to participate and help grow the community. You are encouraged to chat with other members, join the forum and post your "Hits"
  • We will have 100% Live events broadcasted in HD. We will conduct our breaks with as much transparency Honest, and fair breaks every time.
  • All of our boxes and cases are factory sealed and only come from trusted sources like Panini, Upper Deck, DA, Blowout, GTS Distributors, Onyx, Leaf, and Topps.
  • The boxes will be presented as sealed directly on the camera just before we break each box.  They will be opened and never leave site of the camera throughout the break of the box.
  • For (CAP) Choose a Pack we will present the sealed box and number the packs on screen each time we go into a new box for packs. In the event there are bonus packs in the box then we will present box so everyone can see it is sealed and then number off camera to conceal the bonus pack # ( This bonus will be numbered the same as on random pack from the box and included if you pick that pack # with your (CAP) order. Free stuff is good:-)

Majority rules by default in all breaks with multiple players or teams on a card. 

These are our rules and you may undoubtedly see different rules on other sites. It's about 50/50 wherever you go as far as majority ruling goes and how card assignments are handled. The community voted on these current rules and we regularly review so please don't participate if you do not accept the current rules. 

  • If a card has two players on it, the card will be randomized between the two teams.
  • If the card has more than two players, the following system will be used:

If the same person owns two or more of the players on the card, while the rest own just one, the player who owns the majority will be rewarded the card.

  • If there is no majority owner, then we will randomize between all teams on the card. 1 entry per team/player.
  • If the card is of a retired player, the card will go to the team that is listed on the card.  If there is no team listed on the card it will go to the last team that player played for.  If the card is of a team that is no longer in existence, the card will go to the new franchise of the city where the team moved to.

(Example: To avoid any misconception of the rules, we wanted to add a specific example. EX: The Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee and became the Titans, the Houston Oilers hits will now go to the Titans. (*The Houston Texans are an expansion team) In the event a team cannot be determined with certainty it will be up to PBB to determine the team either by Random or other means, PBB's decision is final.

  • For Upper Deck and Panini Baseball products, if the card is in a college uniform and there are no logos or team names displayed, the card will go to the team that the player was currently on for that product year or the most recent team the player played for.  Further explanation, current professional players in college uniforms would go to the team that they played for in the year the product was produced. (For Example: Terrelle Pryor in 2011 Playbook Football would be awarded to the Oakland Raiders). If a player played for a team that no longer exists, it will go to the team that they became. If the player is un-drafted or not tied to a team, we will use random.org to determine who from the break will receive the card.

In the unlikely even that the above misc. card rules do not resolve who will receive the card, the card will go to someone in the break using random.org.

If the card has no team on it, the card will go with whoever owns the most teams in the break. (this applies to non sport cards in products like Allen Ginter or Goodwin.) For Allen Ginter & Goodwin type products if there are other sports cards different than the current break they will be treated as non-sports cards. Example; we list a AG Baseball break and a Tiger Woods card or a Jordan is pulled they will be treated as "non sport" or "Other Sport" (as AG describes them) and they will go to whoever owns the most teams in that break unless the card estimated value is larger than $100. In that event we will randomize the card between all participants.


Defunct and Moved teams examples

  • Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee and became the Titans  (*The Houston Texans are an expansion team so cards go to Titans)
  • The Rams are moved again, now the LA Rams again, no longer St. Louis. (St. Louis cards would go back to new LA Rams again)
  • San Diego Chargers will move to Los Angeles and become the LA Chargers. (San Diego cards would go to the new LA Chargers)
  • Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas (Old Raiders cards would go to New Vegas team)
  • Atlanta Thrashers go to Winnipeg Jets (EST. 2011)
  • Winnipeg Jets (PRE 1996) go to Phoenix


Teams or situations not listed will be randomized on random.org between all break participants for that break. Each slot or team equals a spot in the random. (Example of when used: For Panini points cards or special non-sport insert card)


We will use Baseballreference.com as a first reference for any disputes or to double check our findings. 


We are human and will undoubtedly make a mistake occasionally. We welcome your input and help when clarification is needed during a break. However, please be respectful of the break host. It is not their intent to slight anyone and we always strive to be fair an transparent.





How do I participate in a Box Break Event?

  • If you don't already have an account please sign up now.
  • Purchase a spot or team in one of our breaks.
  • Use the Break App to see how far along the break is coming. See how many teams/spots are left etc.
  • Use the schedule with the Break App to determine approximate break date.
  • Watch the break during one of our live events or view later in the archives if you miss the break.



  • Unfortunately we have no way of knowing exactly when a break will happen as it depends on when the break sells out/fills up. 
  • We have developed our live break web app to aid our members in gauging when a break will possibly be going. You can check it out HERE and watch the video on how to use the Live Box Break Web App below.
  • We will break boxes as soon as they sell out if it is a scheduled break night.  For example, if a box sells out the night of a live break we will break it that night.  If a break sells out on a night we are not breaking we will break that box on the next night that we are having a live break. All pack orders will be opened/broke first thing during the next live break event.

Watch the video below for how to use the Live Break Web App



To view our live breaks, simply click on the homepage links "Live Video".

We will be breaking anywhere from 2-4 nights a week depending on the amount of sold out breaks for the week.

All of our news and information pertaining to upcoming live breaks and sales of upcoming breaks will be posted on the main homepage of our website. 


We also post to social media regularly so be sure to follow us. We will keep the information updated regularly to give you plenty of notice.




  • We will make sure to handle all of your cards in a professional manner. All breaks will be performed with care. We will do everything we can to insure the safe handling of your cards. Our hands are washed before the breaks and when hits arise we will do our best to handle them at the edges of the card and continue to handle them carefully throughout the process until packaged & shipped to you. In some cases you will see that we are wearing gloves, typically this is reserved for extremely high dollar breaks.
  • As commonly known and expressed on most all break sites - Some cards will not always come out of the pack in perfect PSA or BGS 10 condition but we will do our best to keep each card in the condition it came in. Live video will serve as evidence as to the "From Package" condition. PremierBoxBreaks.com will not be responsible for damaged cards pulled from the case or pack with evidence of damage. PremierBoxBreaks.com will not be liable for damage during shipping. (See Shipping)
  • In many cases we will automatically load the big hits in one touch cases! You may also purchase one touch cases and request any of your break cards be placed in them before shipping. Just PM us the order # of your cases and which cards to load. We'll be glad to provide this service FREE!


  • Shipping day will be typically be Mondays the week following the break.  All of our live breaks from the previous week will go out no latter than the following Monday (1 week following the break at Max) is what we shoot for.  You will receive a shipping confirmation email when your cards go out.
  • First class Domestic shipping is included free of any additional charges in the price of your break for all cards excluding base cards in heavy base products. In cases where  product is "heavy base" you will need to add base cards to your shipment via "Add Base for Single Break" or "Add base to Multiple Breaks" from the store under live box breaks category. All heavy base breaks will designate this in the description. Some of your breaks may be combined into one shipment. We will try to upload the duplicate tracking numbers but be advised that if your breaks are within the same week or so they may have been combined in shipping resulting in "one" tracking number for multiple orders. If you feel you have not received your shipment please feel free to message us so we can look into it right away. We will do our best to expedite the process but there may be several hundred orders to search through so please be understanding with this. Please message us through the store or directly to premier box breaks via gmail so we may resolve ASAP. Contacting through bulletin boards or ebay and other media may not be the fastest route as these accounts including twitter and facebook are not monitored every hour of the day.
  • If you would like to purchase insurance higher than a declared value by Premier or have your product shipped in a different way, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • The price of the break service does not include insurance for your cards. We only insure high dollar cards as determined by us unless that service with a specific amount is requested and paid for by the buyer. If you would like your cards sent with insurance we will quote you the price and send a separate invoice. We always do our best to deliver your cards safely and securely and will do everything in our power to help if a package is lost in the mail. However, if you do not purchase insurance for your package we are not liable or responsible if the post office loses or damages your package. We provide insurance for high dollar cards at our discretion. If in doubt or you want to be sure to have this included please contact us otherwise it must be assumed no insurance is included.

    International shipping- Please see shipping page

  • We carefully package and ship the cards heavily protected in bubble mailers.
  • In the event that you are concerned about shipping times, do realize that sometimes the USPS has delays especially around holiday seasons.
  • We do not ship to PO boxes.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or lost packages by the USPS.



Choose a Packs:

You will always receive ALL the Base cards from your Choose a Packs. If you do not want base just specify in notes at checkout and we'll be happy to omit from shipping and add to our donation box.

Team & Box Breaks:

All cards ships except in "Heavy Base" product. In cases where  product is "heavy base" you will need to add base cards to your shipment via "Add Base for Single Break" or "Add base to Multiple Breaks" from the store under live box breaks category. All heavy base breaks will designate this in the description. An example would be something like Topps Chrome Baseball where you have a lot of base cards. In this type of break no base will ship unless you pay for them. We will hold all base cards 30 days to give you time to review and then you can request base here or here for multi breaks.

Personal Box Breaks:

Ships with all cards from your box.



To view a list of our past breaks please see our ARCHIVES PAGE  or select link from the top menu under LIVE VIDEO+

Archives of our past Live Box Breaks are also be available on our site in the break schedule or calendar. Just click on the day and more information including archive links are posted. We stream on Ustream and each break is separated by the name of the break. Backup versions of eBay auctions can also be found on our YouTube Channel 

  • Within 48 hrs following a live break, we will try to post videos of the breaks on our Youtube channel as well.  We try to do this ASAP however things can get busy so please be patient. You can always see the video in the archives before we break them up into the named breaks. We will break up the video and label it based on the break and box# along with the date of the break.
  • This is also a great place to go check out some of our previous breaks if you are new to our site and looking to see just how these live breaks work.




By participating in a Live Box Break, you are either purchasing a "slot" or "team" and the box will be opened live on air in a live community event, then shipped to you. In the event of having a team or slot that doesn't receive any cards, you will not be refunded. These breaks are not considered a game of chance. 

We provide downloadable checklists and product information for our box break products. Additionally, each purchase made for a box break entitles you to a free random base card, see our site terms for full details. Our members earn perks such as cash back on break purchases; rewards points, VIP discounts, or other promotions that may change from time to time.  We also do hitless team breaks for many of our higher end breaks where a team may not receive any hits. These "Hitless" bonus breaks will be in the product description of eligible products.


Whether purchasing a "slot" in a group break or a product to be opened live for you, there will be no available refunds. By purchasing, you are entering the box break or individual product break agreeing to our all sales are final policy for live box breaks, regardless of the outcome of product content.


Dates and times for all Live Box Breaks are subject to change. Scheduled times are approximate and dependent on slots selling out first.



  • There are no refunds whatsoever for box breaks or pack breaks. Once you purchase a break there will be no available refunds, no exceptions.
  • The more spots you purchase in a break the bigger your discount and the better your chances are of getting a hit.
  • There is a chance that your team will not receive any cards from the break.  Please do not purchase if you don't understand the process.
  • Discounts and promotions are at the discretion of PBB and subject to change at any time. Limitations may apply, see descriptions and/or promotion terms. Please message through your account or via the IM panel at lower right of site page for any clarification needed.


How to use the Break App


  • This is the default view of the "Break App" You may return to this view anytime via the "BREAK LIST" link on the left.
  • This will display all currently bought into or active breaks only.
  • The list will display teams, member name, and time of purchase.
  • At the top of each list there is a "Purchase Here" link that will take you to the product page if spots are still available.
  • Red indicates the break is still filling and purchase link along with how many spots available will display.
  • Green indicates the break is full and ready for next live event. The purchase links will disappear and break will have status of "Full"
  • The list is prior to any randomization when it says "List not yet randomized" or "draft results not in" in Red and is not the final order of teams or draft results. This is only the default purchase order and not any draft or randomization results.
  • Once the draft is complete the status will change to green in the randomization or draft results portion at top.
  • It is important to remember that breaks will only display here if a member has purchased a spot and this is not indicative of all breaks available on the site.
  • To view all available breaks please refer to the main site menus under "Live Box Breaks"


  • This is where you can see any live pack break purchase members have made.
  • The (CAP) Live Pack Break list is cleared after each live event.
  • This will display the product name, pack number if applicable, member name, and the time it was purchased.
  • Packs are opened in the order they are received so follow this list to gage when your pack will be opened during the live events.
  • Clicking on any pack description link will take you to that product page if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself.
  • To view all available live pack breaks please refer to the main site menus under "Live Pack Breaks"


  • You must be logged in to view all portions of this section. Set up your free account HERE.
  • This is where our "Live Draft" occurs and your draft preferences are set up.
  • Here you save draft preferences for each year to optimize your draft results based on your favorite teams just like an NFL draft.
  • Future upgrades (in progress) will include a trade room where members can trade teams after the draft and other member features. Stayed tuned for more upgrades to be completed by May 2017. Currently only draft preferences are visible.




  • Here you can print any box or pack break list.
  • Use the "Print List" menu on the left while on any page you want to print.

FAQ and more information about Live box Breaks. How they work and many more questions answered here.