2014 Topps Strata Football Hobby Packs (CAP) NHT

2014 Topps Strata Football Hobby Packs (CAP) NHT

2014 NFL Topps Strata Football


Configuration: 18 packs per box. 6 cards per pack.

Celebrating the NFL players who have taken their games to another level, 2014 Topps Strata Football returns with cutting-edge autographed relic technology!


- 1 Clear Cut Autographed Relic Card
- 1 Strata Autograph or Strata Signature Card
- 1 Strata Relic Card
- 5 Die-Cut Cards

- 1 Strata Signature Relic Rookie Card
- 3 Clear Cut Autograph Patch Cards
- 3 Strata Patch Cards



Clear Cut Autographed Relic Rookie Cards
Showcasing up to 40 rookies! These cards contain the largest jumbo jersey swatch possible (2.875" x 1.875") under a die-cut window. Signed on-card!
- Bronze Parallel - #'d
- Topaz PATCH Parallel - #'d
- Sapphire PATCH Parallel - #'d HOBBY ONLY!
- Emerald PATCH Parallel - #'d HOBBY ONLY!
- Ruby PATCH Parallel - #'d HOBBY ONLY!
- Quartz GLOVES Parallel - Featuring a glove swatch, #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!
- Quartz PIGSKIN Parallel - Featuring a football swatch, #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY! NEW!
- Quartz SWOOSH Parallel - Featuring a Nike Swoosh, #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY! NEW!
- Quartz TEAM PATCH Parallel - Featuring a multi-color team patch, #'d 1/1HOBBY ONLY!

Strata Signature Relic Cards
This multi-layered autograph relic card will showcase over 35 rookies with their autographs and a jumbo relic swatch. NUMBERED!
- Ruby PATCH Parallel - Featuring a jersey patch #'d HOBBY ONLY!
- Rivet PATCH Parallel - Featuring a jersey patch relic and a rivet that enables the 
- 3 different layers of the card to swivel and fan out #'d HOBBY ONLY!
- Rivet SWOOSH Parallel - A rivet parallel card containing the prime 
- Nike Swoosh jersey swatch, #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY! NEW!

Clear Cut Dual Autographed Rookie Patch Book Cards: 
Rookies are paired up on a book card featuring two Clear Cut Autographed Relic Cards with on-card autographs. #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!

Veteran Strata Signature Patch Card
5 of the top NFL Veterans are highlighted featuring on-card autographs. #'d
- Rivet Parallel - #'d to 5


Strata Autographs: 
Up to 50 players - Rookies and Veterans Included! Autographed versions of the player's base card.
- Bronze Parallel - #'D
- Topaz Parallel - #'d
- Sapphire Parallel - #'d
- Emerald Parallel - #'d
- Ruby Parallel - #'d
- Quartz Parallel - #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!

Strata Signatures
The next level of autograph cards arrive showing over 35 players with on-card autographs on a multi-layered card. #'d to 50 HOBBY ONLY! NEW!

Strata Quad Autograph Book Card 
Combinations of 4 rookie stars in each book card. #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!

Strata Relic Cards
Up to 50 subjects - Rookies and Veterans Included!
- Bronze Parallel - #'d to 150
- Topaz PATCH Parallel - #'d to 90
- Sapphire PATCH Parallel - #'d to 70
- Emerald PATCH Parallel - #'d to 35
- Ruby PATCH Parallel - #'d to 10
- Quartz PATCH Parallel - #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!


Strata Die-Cut Cards
50 players on perimeter die-cut cards in the shape of the NFL shield
- Autograph Parallel - #'d

Quarterback Die-Cut
Over 30 of the league's leading signal callers on a perimeter die-cut card
- Autograph Parallel - #'d

Veterans (100 subjects)
Superstars from each NFL team

Rookies (100)
The leading freshmen from the 2014 NFL rookie class
- Gold Parallel (200) - 1 in 3 packs HOBBY ONLY!
- Bronze Parallel (100 Rookies) - #'d to 150
- Topaz Parallel (100 Rookies) - #'d to 99
- Sapphire Parallel (100 Rookies) - #'d to 50
- Emerald Parallel (100 Rookies) - #'d to 10
- Ruby Parallel (100 Rookies) - #'d 1/1 
- Printing Plates (200) - #'d 1/1


By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Football Editor

Strata Football is all about the layers and context. The hits are made with bringing multiple elements to one card, and that won’t change for 2014 Topps Strata Football.

Each box will have three hits: two autographs, including, a Clear Cut Autograph Relic card, and a relic card. There will also be five die-cuts in every box.

Each pack will hold six cards with 18 packs in every box.

Case hits include one Strata Signature Relic card, one Clear Cut Autograph Patch card and three Strata Patch cards

The Clear Cut Autographed Relic Rookie Cards will have five parallels along with four 1-of-1 parallels featuring rare swatches such as the Nike Swoosh.

The Strata Signature Relic Cards will utilize multiple layers as part of the design. One of the parallels also includes Rivet, a design that allows collectors to fan out the pieces of the card.

Topps will feature more than one player on Clear Cut Dual Autographed Rookie Patch Book Card, which are rare 1-of-1 pulls.

There will be more than rookies in Strata. Veteran Strata Signature Patch Cards can also be found in 2014 Strata Football with a Rivet parallel.

Other autographs hits include Strata Autographs (with six parallels), Strata Signatures, and Strata Quad Autograph Book Cards.

The Relic cards will be tougher pulls than the autographs with just one per box. These cards will include veterans and rookies and feature up to six autographs.

The base card checklist will feature 200 cards (100 rookies and 100 veterans). The rookie cards will also have six parallels with printing plates.

The Strata Die-Cuts checklist will contain 50 players with autograph parallels. Topps is also including Quarterback Die-Cut with around 30 players – with the chance for autographed parallels.

Strata is scheduled to come out the week of Dec. 22nd.

Susan Lulgjuraj is an editor at Beckett Media.


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